Calling All Ambassadors…

At Getty Images | iStock, we are truly lucky to work in a field that is fueled by the tremendous passion of so many individuals—not every business can say the same. In many ways our contributors are our brand--your voice can amplify the essence of our business; amazing content created by a diverse community of artists, from all walks of life--all over the world. On any given day, there is a remarkable amount to say about what is going on at Getty Images and iStock so we need your help to spread the word where it counts. Imagine what we can do together to increase our reach far beyond corporate media, through our collective social networks. Today, every buying decision begins online which is why social media is so important to every business. Our marketing and PR teams work non-stop to build brand awareness and grow our business, but these days, people are much more likely to respond to news and information they receive from within their own social networks than from brands and corporations. That’s where you come in…

Start the Conversation!

Let’s share! Anyone can positively influence the conversation, you don’t need to have legions of followers (although you may actually grow your own social media presence in the process). Every single share makes a difference.

What to Share?

Select from a stream of interesting and powerful content and share posts you think will resonate with your friends and followers in multiple social channels with a single click. 

The Ambassadors program portal is available via desktop or mobile app and can even notify you on a daily or weekly basis when there is new content to share making it super easy for all users.


  • Increases awareness and traffic to the website and positively influence sales!
  • Have a voice on behalf of our brands
  • Fuel conversation in your networks--help increase your social footprint
  • View stats showing the impact of shares (e.g. impressions, clicks and reactions)